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Take a course in good water and air;

and in the eternal youth of Nature

you may renew your own.

- John Muir

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The entire North Polar ice cap

is disappearing before our very eyes.

- Al Gore

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All science requires mathematics.

- Roger Bacon

Mathematics is the music of reason.

- James Joseph Sylvester

Earth Care Education is a site for middle school science and math teachers.

  • Our Mission

    To inspire and support educators to teach the standards in a way that is connected to the issues the world is facing and that provides opportunities for teachers and students to make positive changes in their lives and communities.

  • Our Vision

    To shift the conversation in education both inside and outside of the classroom to address the challenges the world is facing and to inspire teachers, students and parents to make choices that support their vision for a socially just and sustainable world where we are connected to nature and our community.

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